Autobus FAQ

How can I see the return shuttle times?
Return times are listed at checkout.  You will be informed of your confirmed return time a few days after booking.  We have also listed all of the options below:

Tuesday August 22- 12pm

Wednesday August 23- 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm

Thursday August 24-730am, 1030am, 230pm, 730pm

How much baggage can I bring on the shuttle?
We will have a strict 2 bag policy on the bus.

I just want to purchase a return ticket. How much will that be?
Our return passes are $100. There may be discounted return passes available onsite, depending on what is available.

Does my child need a shuttle ticket?
If your child is over 2 years of age, yes they will need a shuttle ticket.  Any child under 2 years of age will be able to ride on the lap of a parent/guardian.

I need to change my shuttle to a different time or day. How do I do that?If it is for your ticket to Big Summit Prairie, contact:

If it is for your ticket back to PDX after the event, contact:

Are you adding more shuttles?
YES, standby for announcement.

Will any shuttles be leaving before the end of the festival?
Yes, there will be one shuttle leaving Tuesday and there will be multiple shuttles leaving Wednesday before the programming is finished.

Can I buy my outbound shuttle when I get to Oregon Eclipse?
Yes.  However all return tickets will be subject to availability.  

Can I get on a wait list in case you add more shuttles?

Will you be adding shuttles from other Oregon airports?

Will the shuttles have to wait in the line with cars, or will they get expedited through?
The shuttles will have an expedited lane past the box office as passengers will receive their credentials on the bus.  However they will still have to wait with cars on the roads and in line leading up to the Box Office.

I don’t need my shuttle pass anymore, what can I do?

Will there be any way to transport our belongings to our campsite from where the shuttle drops us off?
Depending on where you are going to there may be some options to get you closer to your campsite. We will have shuttles cruising around the different drop off points, and also some pedicabs may be available for hire throughout the event.  

Where on the site will the shuttle drop us off?
The bus will drop-off at 3-4 different locations throughout the event.  We are hoping to release a map with the different bus stop locations within a week of the event so that you can plan around drop off points.