Camping & Life On Site

Building a community in the wilderness will be one of the richest aspects of Oregon Eclipse, and taking the time to prepare yourself and your campmates will make your home away from home all the better!

The Basics

When are the gates open?
8/16 Open 12pm – 12am
8/17 Open 9am – 2am
18/8 Open 8am – 2am
19/8 Open 8am – 2am
20/8 Open 8am – 12am
21/8 Open 8am – 9:30am (Closed for 1 hour, Eclipse) Re-Open 10:30am – 12am
22/8 Open 8am – 12am
23/8 Open 8am – 8pm

What are the directions to get to Oregon Eclipse?
We will be releasing a detailed map shortly.

How long will I wait in line to get in?
There will be a sizeable wait to get in, from 2-6 hour. Bringing snacks, warm clothes and arriving at a decent hour will be beneficial.

Is camping included with my Experience Pass?
Yes,  walk in camping is included.

Is car camping included with my Experience Pass?
Car camping is not included with your Experience Pass. To camp with or in your vehicle you’ll need a vehicle pass.

Does my vehicle pass cover me for an RV?
Yes, your vehicle pass is the only pass you’ll need for your RV.

I don’t have a vehicle pass, but I’m driving to Oregon Eclipse. How will this work?
We will have a parking lot on site in which you can leave your vehicle and walk into the camping and event areas. This lot will cost $20, cash only.

If I park my vehicle in the parking lot, will I have access to my vehicle throughout the week?
You will be able to access your vehicle throughout the week.

How far will I have to walk to get from my vehicle in the parking lot into the campgrounds?
This will depend largely on the amount of participants arriving before you, however as the site is large it is wise to prepare for a sizeable walk. Bringing a wagon or set of wheels to assist you will be helpful, as well as packing your belongings in an easily transportable way. We will have some shuttle assistance available. 

Can I reserve a camping spot?
Camping is first come, first serve, and we will not be reserving camp spots ahead of time.

How can I arrange to camp with my friends?
If you’d like to camp with your friends, your best bet is to arrive together!

Is RV camping mixed with car camping?

Living on site

Is there cell phone service at Oregon Eclipse?
There is no cell phone service at Big Summit Prairie.

Will there be wifi at Oregon Eclipse?
There will be no public wifi at Oregon Eclipse.

Are there showers on site? 
We will have paid showers available to guests.

Are there restrooms onsite? 
Yes, we will have restrooms onsite.

Will there be water onsite?
There will be water onsite, but it’s important to bring a personal supply to last you the week.

Can I use a campstove?

Can I bring glass?
No, glass is not permitted onsite.

What kind of weather should I prepare for?
Expect warm days and very chilly nights. Warm bedding, close toed shoes and layers are a must!

Will there be ice available onsite?
There will be ice for sale onsite.

Can I have a fire at my campground?
Absolutely no personal campfires allowed, this includes cooking and warming fires and charcoal briquette barbecues.

Will it be possible to buy groceries onsite?
We will not have grocery stores onsite, but we will have plenty of delicious food vendors.

Can I buy alcohol onsite?
We will have four bars to serve you onsite.

Can I bring alcohol onsite?
Those over 21 can bring alcohol onsite.

Can I bring a bike?
Bikes will be permitted in the campgrounds but NOT past festival entrances.

Does RV camping provide water and power hook-ups?
Hookups will NOT be available to those purchasing a RV Camping Pass.

Can I have a generator onsite?
Only under 2000 watt whispers are permitted onsite.

Can we have a renegade stage?
To have a well curated environment for all participants to enjoy, we are not permitting renegade / campground stages. Renegade sound systems will be confiscated and the vehicles carrying them will be turned away at the gate. 

Can I bring a bike?
Bikes will be permitted in the campgrounds but NOT past festival entrances.