Essential Things to Know!

The moment that our GLOBAL COMMUNITY will begin streaming onto Big Summit Prairie is right around the corner, and as such we have VITAL NUGGETS OF INFORMATION that are ESSENTIAL TO READ, UNDERSTAND AND SHARE!

Oregon Eclipse is not a spectator sport. We are walking into an entirely participatory experience and your engagement, creativity and cooperation will make help make this a smooth ride into the cosmos!

First and foremost, FIRE DANGER IS VERY REAL and we acknowledge this with the utmost seriousness




– Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED except in specified areas

– Open flames of any kind are STRICTLY PROHIBITED for patrons at any time

– Do not pull your car into tall grass at any time

Fire danger is VERY REAL and we request your utmost cooperation. We have developed solid safety protocol at the national and local levels and have equipment to deal with situations that arise. Having said that, HELP KEEP US SAFE!

Travelling To BSP

– Please USE THE DIRECTIONS WE PROVIDE! While there may be many ways up the mountain, most will lead you astray. We will be posting directions from Prineville on Monday August 14.
– There will be LOTS OF TRAFFIC throughout the entire state. Prepare for long waits to arrive.
– FILL UP ON GAS AND SUPPLIES EARLY AND OFTEN! Due to a large influx of people, supplies may be limited in the region.
– Big Summit Prairie is a pristine remote location that is accessed by NARROW AND CURVY ROADS! DO NOT PASS ON TWO LANE ROADS! Take your time, take care of each other, arrive safely.
– Please arrive at posted gate times or risk staying the lot. We will make best efforts to swiftly get traffic off the road.
– PRINT OR SAVE YOUR QR CODE! There is NO CELL RECEPTION ON SITE! Make sure you have your QR code with you or risk unnecessary delays.
– The best way to camp together is to arrive together. Saving spaces is not possible and it is IMPERATIVE to listen to our parking staff so they may swiftly park people and reduce wait times for the people behind you.


– Each car with a vehicle pass will be PARKED IN THE ORDER WHICH YOU ARRIVE. Please swiftly park under the direction of our parking team so we can get the people behind you off the road as quickly as possible.

– If you do not have a vehicle pass you can park in our parking lot for $20 CASH payable on site

– Large and oversized vehicles may be required to park in special locations

– We will have limited shuttle service to assist you in getting to the campground

– Do not bring drugs, drones, motorized vehicles or boats, pets, weapons, fireworks or bad vibes of any kind

– Due to FAA and BSP regulations DRONES ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. They will be confiscated or turned away at the door.

– Gear for renegade sound systems will be confiscated or turned away at the door.

– We will not allow re-entry. Come prepared!

Life on Site

– BRING YOUR OWN WATER. We have water available onsite both free and for purchase, but due to the remoteness of our location, be sure to bring enough to be responsible for your own needs as well

– CONDITIONS ON SITE ARE DUSTY AND MAY BE WINDY! Rebar is your friend. Please make sure to safely secure your tents and shade to withstand strong gusts of wind

– Nights are cold and days are warm, pack accordingly and bring good shoes!

– MOSQUITOS EXIST! Sweet bloods need to take precautions but sour bloods like me don’t get bit at all.

– Propane camp stoves are allowed

– There is NO CELL SERVICE on site, we will have limited wifi access available for purchase

– We will post message boards to communicate to your friends

– Bikes are ok in campgrounds but not in festival area

– Numerous food vendors will be onsite for meal purchase

– Alcohol will be available for purchase at 4 locations

– Our general store will have ice and various sundries and forgotten items

– Don’t party alone. Keep yourself and your friends safe! We have Dancesafe and Cosmic Care staff on site.

-Hydrate, rest and nourish – Oregon Eclipse is a marathon not a sprint!

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