1Nation Earth Camp

We’re honoured to welcome  1NationEarth Camp to Oregon Eclipse:

“We have a message as protectors of our elders our life givers our children and our way of life,  in a prayerful way with love and respect for all. We are the voice Of MotherEarth and GrandMother Water and it is our human responsibility to raise awareness around environmental injustices and live/create resolution action. We speak for those who don’t have a voice in this man made society, our relatives the plants animals birds insects fish and our ancestors 7 to 13 generations into future!  Our goal is educate and inspire, with the teachings of our elders the wisdom keepers, the children and the ones who will listen.  We will be sharing Cultural and Ceremonial ways from many nations around Turtle Island. All are welcome to be part of 1NationEarth Camp in a good way! It is a gift to receive these deep human teachings and an honor to share them.