Is Oregon Eclipse 2017 family friendly?
We are ALL ABOUT family. Children 12 and under are FREE. We will have an area for quiet(er) camping, full kids programming and an environment that supports and nurtures growth. Check out this video from Symbiosis!

What is a total solar eclipse? Will it hurt my eyes?
A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow (the umbra) on Earth. During totality you can look right at it without protective eyewear! It won’t hurt your eyes, but it will be awesome. Solar glasses will be provided onsite for the waxing and waning from totality!

How many people will be at Oregon Eclipse?
Our ballpark is about a ballpark!

Will there be a separate Symbiosis Event in 2017?
Oregon Eclipse IS the Symbiosis Event for 2017.

What will the lineup be like for Oregon Eclipse 2017?
We’ve gathered new and old friends from around the world to bring a wildly diverse performance environment. You can dive deep into our seven stages here.

When will the schedule be released?
You can expect schedule details a few weeks before the event.

What are the closest airports to Big Summit Prairie?
Bend Airport is just over 1.5 hours and Portland International Airport is just about 4 hours away.

Will you have shuttle busses from the airport?
We have bio-diesel bus service from PDX Airport in Portland. You can check out our shuttle times here.

How much luggage can I bring on the shuttle?
Each person can bring two bags on the shuttle.

Will there be cell phone service there?
We’re happy to announce that we will NOT have cell phone service at Oregon Eclipse. Disconnect to reconnect!

Will there be re-entry at Oregon Eclipse?
While you will be able to leave whenever you like, we will not allow re-entry.

When will gates open for Oregon Eclipse?
Gates open at 3pm on Wednesday the 16th for those with Early Entry passes, and 11am on  Thursday for General Admission.

How will camping work?
Camping is first come and first serve and you will be parked by a team of staff and volunteer that will work around the clock to get people settled. Please be mindful of your fellow eclipse chasers when planning on creating your campsites.


Where can I purchase an Experience Pass?
Experience Passes are sold out.

What are Cosmic Alignment Passes?
We are conducting a lottery for the final tier of passes. Entry into the Cosmic Alignment Lottery will be available from March 22 to April 20. Vehicle Passes are also included in the lottery.

Why can’t I enter for both a Vehicle Pass and a Cosmic Alignment Pass in the lottery?
You’ll need to separate these entries into two different transactions.

Will I be automatically charged for my Cosmic Alignment Pass?
There will be a pending charge on your account for a few days to verify your account, but this charge will not stand until and unless you are selected.

When will you decide the winners of the Cosmic Alignment Pass?
We will notify the winners on May 1, and charge the selected accounts on May 5.

Will there be day passes available?
There will not be day passes available.

Do children need tickets?
Kids 12 and under are free when accompanied by a ticketed adult! However if your 12 and under child looks like he/she may be quite a bit older you may want to bring a copy of their birth certificate to ensure your transition through the gate is a smooth one.

Will there be a kids area or a kids camp?
Yes, there will be a kids programming that should be fun for kids of all ages.

Are there any rules pertaining to kids under 18?
Yes, all minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Are tickets transferable?
Yes. You may change the names on your purchase on Tixr’s site. Contact support@tixr.com.

Are experience passes returnable?
No, tickets are not returnable, but they are transferable.

If I buy a Ready, Set, Camp package, does this include my experience pass?
No, your experience pass is purchased separately.

Where can I purchase my bus transport to the site?
You can purchase your bus transportation here.

How will I receive the Experience Passes I purchased?
The QR Code you received is all you’ll need. You’ll receive your wristband when you arrive onsite.

Who do I contact with ticketing questions?
If you have any questions about ticketing, please contact support@tixr.com

Will there be wheelchair access?
We will have ADA camping available. A venue map will be released soon showing exactly where. We will have our ADA registration program live in the new year.

When can people with early entry passes arrive?
All ticket holders with early entry passes can start arriving at 3pm on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. You must purchase an experience pass to enter the Oregon Eclipse site.

Does each person in my vehicle need an early entry pass?

Will there be a VIP area?
Everyone is a VIP.


How do I apply to get involved with Oregon eclipse?
You can find all our applications here.

I’ve applied to be a part of Oregon Eclipse. When will I hear back?
We’ll begin responding to applicants in the spring of 2017.

I’ve applied and purchased an Experience Pass. What if I get accepted?   If you get accepted to participate we will reimburse you.

I want to bring a theme camp to Oregon Eclipse. How do I do this?
Please send an email to proposals@oregoneclipse2017.com

How does volunteering work at Oregon Eclipse?
You may apply on the website. Volunteers are required to purchase a ticket at regular rate. When you fulfill your shift obligations, your money is refunded minus an administrative fee that pays for the credit card transaction of the purchase and the refund. Volunteers will be selected in an ongoing process.

Do I have to be a US citizen to volunteer?
You do not need to be a US citizen to volunteer!

How many hours do I need to volunteer to qualify for a ticket?  Volunteers are required to work 8 days pre-event or  30 hours during the event.

If I volunteer, can I camp with my friends?
Camping is primarily self-directed. We will be releasing a map in the weeks leading to the event to help people choose a spot to camp together. Camping is first come, first serve. Arriving at the same time is the most influential factor in camping close to your friends. Usually, arrive together=camp together!


What is the schedule for return shuttles?
After you purchase your shuttle ticket, you will be sent an email with a selection of return times.

Are kids free on the shuttle?
Children under 2 are free. All children over two will need a full shuttle ticket.

I have more questions about riding the Oregon Eclipse Shuttle Bus.
Email us at autobuses@symbiosisgathering.com


I want to register for an Elemental Alchemy immersive but have already purchased my Experience Pass. What can I do?
Contact support@tixr.com and we can make the switch to an Elemental Alchemy package.                    

Can I bring my children with me to my Elemental Alchemy Immersive?
No. Elemental Alchemy programs are not designed to be the optimum environment for children.

Can I use my Ready Set Camp accommodation during Elemental Alchemy?  
We will have more information on this shortly.


Where can I purchase Ready Set Camp?
You can choose your ideal village and reserve your onsite accommodations here.

When can I check in to my Ready Set Camp accommodation?
You can check in on August 16, and will check out on August 24th.

Can my friends pitch their tents next to me in Ready Set Camp?
The Ready Set Camp area is reserved for only staying in our onsite accommodations.

Can I get my Ready Set Camp option to be in Family Camp?
We don’t have a designated Family Camp area, but will have a designated quiet area. All Ready Set Camp villages are in close proximity to the festival entrance.

Does my Ready Set Camp purchase include my entrance into the festival?  
No, your Experience Pass or Trailblazer Pass must be purchased separately.

Is my Ready Set Camp purchase transferrable?
Yes, and you can contact support@tixr.com to make the switch. 

I have a vehicle pass, will I be able to park next to my Ready Set Camp accommodation?
You will be able to park near, but not directly with your Ready Set Camp village. If you don’t have a vehicle pass, we will shuttle you from our parking lot.


Is camping included with the ticket?
Yes,  walk in camping is included.

How long will I wait in line to get in?
There will be a sizeable wait to get in, from 2-6 hour. Bringing snacks, warm clothes and arriving at a decent hour will be beneficial. 

Is parking included with the ticket?
Those wishing to camp with or in their vehicles will need a $100 vehicle pass. This covers everything from cars, trucks, buses to RV’s and campers and will allow you to park, or camp in your car. These vehicle passes are now off-sale, but you can enter to get one in the Cosmic Alignment Lottery! 

I didn’t get a vehicle pass. What are my options?
We will have a parking lot onside that will allow you to leave your vehicle and walk into the camping and event area.

How does camping work?
Camping is first come and first serve and you will be parked by a team of staff and volunteer that will work around the clock to get people settled. Please be mindful of your fellow eclipse chasers when planning on creating your campsites.

Is RV Camping close to the festival?
RV camping is interspersed with all other camping

Are there showers on site?
We will have paid showers available to guests.

Are there restrooms onsite?
Yes, we will have restrooms onsite.

Will there be water onsite?
There will be water onsite, but it’s important to bring a personal supply to last you the week.

Can I use a campstove?

What kind of weather should I prepare for?
Expect warm days and very chilly nights. Warm bedding, close toed shoes and layers are a must!

Will there be ice available onsite?
There will be ice for sale onsite.

Can I have a fire at my campground?
Absolutely no personal campfires allowed, this includes cooking and warming fires and charcoal briquette barbecues.

Will it be possible to buy groceries onsite?
We will not have grocery stores onsite, but we will have plenty of delicious food vendors.

Can I buy alcohol onsite?
We will not be selling alcohol at Oregon Eclipse.

Can I bring alcohol onsite?
Those over 21 can bring alcohol onsite.

Can I register for Family Camp?
We don’t have a designated Family Camp, but we will have a quiet camping you are welcome to call home.

Does RV camping provide water and power hook-ups?
Hookups will NOT be available to those purchasing a RV Camping Pass.

Will I have access to my car during the festival?
You will have access to your car all weekend. The car once parked cannot move until leaving the event site.

Can I have a generator onsite?
Only under 2000 watt whispers are permitted onsite.

Can we have a renegade stage?
To have a well curated environment for all participants to enjoy, we are not permitting renegade / campground stages. Renegade sound systems will be confiscated and the vehicles carrying them will be turned away at the gate. 

Can I bring a bike?
Bikes will be permitted in the campgrounds but NOT past festival entrances.


Will there be ADA access?
We will have ADA camping available. A venue map will be released soon showing exactly where. You can register for ADA here and we can let you know what needs we can accommodate.

Are service animals allowed?
Service animals are allowed on site, but emotional support animals and pets are not. Thanks for your cooperation with this!