Hadra (France)

In Arabic, the term “hadra” actually refers to a collective trance practiced during the ceremonies of religious brotherhoods in Morocco… Hadras fascinate both through their melodies and the beauty of their actual form. The tempo of the hadra starts off slowly, majestically, then it gradually incorporates faster and faster, mesmerizing rhythmic movements before reaching its apotheosis in a kind of ecstatic release…”

The non-profit french organization Hadra, based in the Alps, has just celebrated its 15th anniversary in September 2016 at the occasion of the 9th edition of its international psytrance festival.

From the last 15 years, Hadra has developed different activities, including a record label with 30 live acts and DJ sets, with artists from all over the world, a training center focused on electronic music techniques, event production and a festival that has become the main psytrance event in France and one of the mainstays of psy-culture in Europe

The Hadra Trance Festival left the alps mountains two years ago, and now takes place in the center of France in Vieure, nestled in a sanctuary of greenery at the edge of a lake. For its coming 10th edition, over 100 artists will come together for 4 days and 3 nights to create an enriching blend of styles and  genres. Above all, the Hadra Trance Festival is a multi-disciplinary event and will host over 120 concerts and dance performances, street art, scenographic creations, as well as a large number of digital installations and art exhibitions.

Poster contributed to the anonymous ecs 225th meeting, orlando, usa, 2014.