Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture is a multidisciplinary study, set of principles and ethics that offer a guideline and methodology to conserve and regenerate natural systems, while intentionally designing human settlements to maximize efficiency and  use less energy.

The current world situation is experiencing dire collapse, from our ecological systems to our cultural heritage. Through the ethics & principles of permaculture, we will explore the various ecological system characteristics, relative bioregions, climates and microclimates, critical resource management and regeneration of soils and water systems and the basics of earthworks. We will discuss the role of trees and forests, how to design and implement an analog forest and food forest, identify deficiencies and excesses in our plants and the critical role of fungi to the health of the wild.

By learning design methods and understanding the universal patterns in nature (culture, climate, etc.), students will learn how to identify and work with zones 0 – 5 (bioarchitecture, home garden, fruit tree forest/animals, field crops, the wild), integrated pest management, working with the bioregion to construct living spaces for efficiency, learning how to use windbreaks and wind corridors to design for potential disasters.

Through ethical investments we can create income from our acres, whether in rural, suburban or urban areas, working with invisible structure models to construct ecovillages, intentional community and ecological family models.

Permaculture Design offer students of all backgrounds a cohesive toolbox of language and strategies for resilience to get you out and active in your community.


Weekly sharing circles, compost making, hugelkultur, biofermentation, permaculture, on site analysis, group design project and presentation.


August 3-16

3 meals per day for the duration of the course

Course materials, workshops, activities

Certificate upon successful completion

Entry to Oregon Eclipse Gathering for the 7 day event, August 17 23

$1800 – Payment Plans Available

(Including a $595 non-refundable deposit to your reserve space)