ReInhabiting the Village Web of Life Networking and Storytelling Hub

Immerse yourself in inspiration, interactive learning, and culture creation at the Web of Life Networking and Storytelling Hub. Featuring the network of regenerative leaders from the ReInhabiting The Village project, each day will begin with embodiment practices at 10am, followed by communication, council and relational arts practices at Noon, 2pm Panels and keynotes with Daniel Pinchbeck on Regenerative Society, Forrest Landry on Collective Governance, and panels on Art and Creative Culture, Land Based Communities and special guests from One Nation Earth. As the day progresses, we activate the interactive networking sessions in the afternoons at 4:30pm inviting allies from across the globe to network and connect on key themes featured in Reinhabiting the Village (F:Regenerative Culture & Tech, Sa: Land based communities, Su: New Paradigm Relating, M: New Earth Gridwork & Ascension Tech, T: New Economies) Evenings are alive in the Dome with Tea being served 8:30-10pm with spoken word, special musical guests, including Scarlet Crow, Heather Christie, Aloka, Water Eye, and the artwork of Davin Infinity provides a multimedia immersive experience to stretch your potential and cultivate cultural emergence. Stop by for a place to chill, network, share story and circle up in the spirit of ReInhabiting the Village!