Shrines to the Cosmos

In recognition of the powerful mystery surrounding the phenomenon of a total solar eclipse, Living Village Culture welcomes you into the Shrine to the Wild. These shrines are to honor and nourish the cosmic forces and heavenly bodies around whom we gather. With the intention of contemplation, reflection, exploration and offering we invite you to feel yourself a part of these larger alignments in motion and thus participate in this great turning.

~The House of the Sun honors the majesty of the daily journey from rise to set and the extraordinary in day to day life. This is the home of the internal, personal fire that is the fire of the Sun.

~The House of the Moon offers access into ancestral, cyclical time, where moments move in orbits and stories always begin in the middle and never have an end. This is the home of our deep intuition and our connection to the mystery, reflected in the changing faces of the Moon.
~The House of the Earth offers ground to stand on and drop into a place of profound gratitude and of intention coming to fruition. This is the home of the heart and our life giving body which is the Body of the Earth.
Throughout the gathering these spaces will be open and available to visit and interact with. Each day different members of the Eclipse Family will be guiding and facilitating immersive experiences connected to each of these Holy Beings.
The Gathering’s Opening and Closing Offerings will take place here, and will weave an ongoing story along with the  Elemental Alchemy Ritual Performance and the Community Eclipse Ritual.
In coming together to reclaim the power to tell our own stories, we begin to collaborate on the creation of culture, and thus, the shaping of our world.