The Second Wave

Calling all eclipse chasers, social activists, spiritual warriors, Jedi’s, truth seekers, scientists, artists, movers, shakers and explorers of inner and outer space.


To mark this cumulative and momentous occasion of a total solar eclipse, uniting our community from the far reaches of the globe, we have undertaken an ambitious film project called  “The Second Wave”.

“The Second Wave”  is a film that tells the story of a significant inflection point in our consciousness; the cumulation of a rising tide, a re-emergence of gathering and community that blossomed in the 1960’s and is yet again mobilizing and unifying people across to globe. The directive is and has always been clear : that we share in a collective experience that will help inspire a positive change in the world.

So, where do you come in?

You are an incredible contributor. An innovator. A true creator with a remarkable story that sets you apart. This is your chance to come forward, tell us who you are, and share your story with the world through this film.

Do you have a unique Oregon Eclipse journey to share? Viewpoints that could change the world? Were you a part of Standing Rock, Occupy Wall Street or felt the Bern?  Did you partake in the first wave of the 1960s, and have returned for more?

Physicists, scientists, astrologers,  and theorists! Activists, artists, community organizers and atheists! Indigenous people worldwide, holders of sacred wisdom, healers and seers!

We need you to tell the story of this global movement

Fill out the form below help us tell our collective story that will have the power to galvanize, inform and move our generation into action. Contact us at