Trailblazer FAQ

What’s the difference between a Trailblazer Pass and an Experience Pass?
A Trailblazer Pass gives you the same access to Oregon Eclipse as an Experience Pass, which is walk in camping and  full access to all performances, workshops, art and experiences happening onsite at Big Summit Prairie from August 17-23, 2017.

Can I purchase my vehicle pass, Ready Set Camp option, or shuttle bus with Bitcoin?
All Onsite Offerings and additional purchases can be made through Tixr.

How much is a Trailblazer Pass?
Trailblazer Passes are $375

How long will Trailblazer Passes available?
Trailblazer Passes will be available until March 17.

Can I purchase my Bitcoin through a provider other than Coinbase?
You can find a list of additional Bitcoin providers here.

I haven’t received a confirmation email with my Trailblazer Pass. What do I do?
Shortly after placing your order, you will receive confirmation from Coinbase. You will then receive your QR Code (online ticket) from Oregon Eclipse within a few days.

Why are you doing this crazy Bitcoin thing anyway?
If you still don’t have passes to Oregon Eclipse, it means you missed the Super Duper Early Bird from Nov 3-11, Super Early Bird from Jan 30 – Feb 3, and Experience Passes from Feb 28-March 2. More passes were sold before the lineup came out than for SG16 and at this point we are near capacity.

Rather than just announcing that passes were “Souled Out” we have given people an additional chance to purchases passes if they really want to but this additional chance comes with a threshold to cross. This an opportunity for social activism as we are inviting many people to look deeper into Bitcoin as well as making sure that the people who will purchase the pass are willing to make an extra effort to be part of this.

Is Bitcoin just a way to avoid paying taxes?
Coinbase has an extensive electronic trail and you must verify your identity, so it would be a poor decision to use it as such. If that was our intent, cash passes would be much smarter