Volunteer FAQ

What is an Eclipse Volunteer?
Eclipse Volunteers are a key part of the team that will help build, run and make Oregon Eclipse such a special event! They are a driving force that volunteer their time & energy to the festival in exchange for a pass.

What is the age requirement to volunteer?
You must be 18 years old when you sign the waiver and put down your deposit. 

What do I get for volunteering?
You will receive an event pass, vehicle access (for entry/parking), a spot to tent camp (no vehicle) and a chance to help create and be a part of this amazing gathering.

Can I work with my friends?
Once you put down your deposit, you will be able to select several friends to work with.  The work with friends feature is only available to those who have connected their account to Facebook and friends must accept your request in order to work together. Your friends also need to submit their deposits in order to show up on your list. Working with your friends may mean that you are in different departments, but will have the same free time to enjoy the festival.

Note: You can connect your account to Facebook at any time by clicking the link at the top of your My Profile, available when logged in – click on My Account in the top right corner of your home page, and select My Profile to see the Connect With Facebook link.

How can I guarantee that I work in a specific department?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific department assignments, as festival needs are always changing. You can select departments that you would prefer and let us know about your skills & experience so it is factored into the scheduling process.

Can I base my schedule around artists I’d like to see?
As you fill out the application, you will be able to select a few of the top bands or artists that you would like to see during the event.  We will do our best to schedule around these time slots, but there is no guarantee we will be able to schedule around headliners, since many people request to schedule around these performers.

When do I get my schedule?
We will aim to release your work schedule (in the My Events section of your personalized home page) as soon as they are ready. This is projected to be 1-2 weeks before the event. However, depending on the complexity of scheduling it is possible that we may not be able to release schedules prior to the event. If you do not see your work schedule published before the event, your schedule will be provided on site when you sign in at Oregon Eclipse Gathering.

Note: If you are selected for pre- or post-event work, you will be notified in advance via email.

How much time is required to fulfill my volunteer commitment
Volunteers working during the festival will be required to work an average of 24 hours throughout the 7-day event. For volunteers working pre- or post-event, an average of 32.0 hours will be required, but the extra hours are in exchange for not having to work during the event. Shifts depend on the department you’re working in and generally range from 6-8 hours, though for some groups, shifts may be longer. Generally speaking, pre- and post-event shifts will be 8 hours or longer.

Can I work pre-/post-event?
Yes.  However, when you apply, you are by default applying to the general volunteer pool working during the event. If you are selected for pre/post-event work, you will be notified by email. If you do not receive an email notification, you can expect to be working during the event. Being on site pre- or post-event means extended camping and requires that you prepare for 3-4 days without vendors. It is essential that you come prepared with enough food and provisions for this time period. Most pre- and post-event shifts will be in the week or days before or after the festival. There are very limited and key volunteer roles for those who want to help build the site as early as June.

If you are working pre- or post-event, you will be able to camp on-site during this time, but please remember to bring extra supplies for your extended stay. Food vendors will not yet be set up (or will have packed away after the event), so you’ll need to bring plenty of food, water and appropriate supplies.

When should I plan on signing in and arriving?
We will be releasing more information about sign-in and arrival before the event. You must be able to regularly check and access the email (including spam folder) you signed up with in your volunteer application.

How is the schedule created?
Schedules are determined by festival needs, experience, your department choice, friend requests, band requests and other factors. Every volunteer should expect to work at least one night shift during the festival.

What forms of payment are accepted for deposit and fee?
Credit Cards are the only form of payment accepted for deposits.  We do not accept American Express. This permits us to easily refund your deposit upon successful fulfillment of your volunteer obligation.

Is there a payment plan for the refundable deposit?
Unfortunately we do not have the ability to accept a payment plan for Oregon Eclipse 2017. There are no exceptions.

Can I use a ticket already purchased in lieu of paying a deposit to participate in the volunteer program?
When you are accepted to the Volunteer Program, you are given an event ticket as part of the deal. We require a deposit and when you satisfactorily fulfill your volunteer obligations, the deposit is refunded. It is not possible, from an administrative perspective, to accept tickets in lieu of a refundable deposit. If you want to volunteer well before the event and have already purchased a ticket, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Can you refund the ticket I already purchased so I can put down a deposit?
We do not have the capacity to refund or transfer tickets in order to allow you to pay your refundable deposit for the volunteer program. Since the demand for tickets for this event is so high and the event is sold out, you should be able to re-sell your already-purchaed ticket easily.

Is the deposit required and why is it $400? Do I have to pay a deposit?
We know the deposit is relatively large. However, this event sold out almost immediately and tickets are a hot commodity. Because you’re getting a ticket in exchange for volunteering, we need a way to ensure you meet your obligations, hence the large deposit. Unfortunately we don’t have any other option to guarantee you fulfill your volunteer shifts besides a deposit and I do not have the capacity to review or consider your individual situation unless you have a longstanding successful volunteer history with Symbiosis. If by some chance the volunteer program does not reach capacity and we have need of volunteers who can complete their shifts WELL BEFORE (at least a week before) the event, we may consider waiving deposits for some pre-event volunteers, but this is unlikely.

When is the deadline for applying for the Volunteer Program and paying my refundable deposit?
Volunteer applications are scheduled to close on Aug 4, but it is expected that volunteer spots will fill up well before then. Once the program is full, we will not be accepting any more volunteers. You must complete your application, pay deposits and fees and sign the waiver before we fill up and before Aug 4 in order to secure a position. The sooner you complete the process, the greater the likelihood of getting into the Volunteer Program, so don’t wait!

Can I cancel?
You can cancel anytime.  Cancelling MUST be done through your festiVOL account, by clicking the “cancel deposit” link in your My Events section. Once you have paid your application/impact fee, it will not be refunded if you cancel. Your refundable deposit, or a portion of it, will be returned once you cancel, according to the following schedule and deadlines:

Cancelling anytime after Jun 14 11:59PM EST will result in a $75.00 cancellation fee, which will be deducted from your deposit refund.
Cancelling anytime after Jul 12 11:59PM EST will result in a $150.00 cancellation fee, which will be deducted from your deposit refund.

Cancelling anytime after Aug 11 11:59PM EST will result in a $400.00 cancellation fee, which will be deducted from your deposit refund.
What happens if I go through the entire application process, pay my deposit, and then fail to show to the event or complete my shift?
Failure to cancel (through the correct cancellation process in My Account on festiVOL) by the final cancellation deadline, Aug 11, will result in forfeiting your refundable deposit if you do not show up for the event or your shifts.

At Oregon Eclipse Gathering

Is accommodation provided?
Yes – a spot to camp is provided in a designated volunteer camping area. You must provide your own camping equipment as well as food, water, etc. Vendors will be onsite during the event, but do not plan on relying on vendors before or after event.

How do I know where to go for work?
You must check in and out of every shift at the Volunteer Office. We will direct you from there or take you to your shift location.

What are the requirements for volunteers?
• Closed-toed shoes such as tennis shoes or work boots must be worn while working. Wear shoes that are comfortable since you may be standing for an extended period or walking long distances during your shift.

• Checking in and out of all of shifts at the Volunteer Office is required or you will not receive credit for shifts.

• Be on time for your shifts!!!

• Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or mind-altering substances may be consumed during or before a volunteer shift. If you are suspected of being intoxicated or if the Volunteer Office staff or your shift supervisor does not believe you are capable of fulfilling your shift, your deposit will be forfeited. Volunteers are also subject to the same vehicle search and seizure policies as all patrons attending the event.

• The code of conduct must be followed – stealing, lying, selling of unauthorized merchandise, engaging in any illegal activities will not be tolerated. You must treat all people with respect. Violence and weapons of any kind will not be tolerated. Oregon Eclipse Gathering reserves the right to determine at any time and for any reason, at the sole discretion of event administration, that a volunteer’s deposited will be forfeited and/or that the volunteer will be ejected from festival grounds.

What should I bring with me to each shift?
Bring water, a snack, a hat and be sure to put on sunscreen! Warm clothing is recommended for overnight shifts and you must bring any medicines you may need. You must wear tennis or closed-toe shoes to work – pick comfortable shoes. You will not be able to return to your tent/car at any time during your shift.

What kinds of duties do volunteers perform?

Volunteers perform a variety of tasks to help make the event a success. Departments and volunteer assignments include: Parking, Traffic, Info, Waste Management, Art, Merchandise Sales, Concessions, Setup, Site Operations and pretty much anything else that might pop up at a festival! Many volunteers will also be assigned one or more “floater” shifts. These shifts pick-up the slack wherever it is needed during the event and are crucial to the success of the festival. Volunteers may be asked to switch shifts or departments as last minute needs change. Any medical issues that may keep you from performing some task needs to be stated in the Medical Notes section of your profile.

I am coming to Oregon Eclipse Gathering with regular festival attendees (non-volunteers). How does that work?
Regular festival attendees may not enter the festival grounds prior to the official opening of the gates to patrons, even if accompanied by a working volunteer. If scheduled for a Pre-Festival shift, please be sure to make travel arrangements with other volunteers, as your Non-Volunteer friends will not be allowed to enter the festival grounds until gates open to the public.

What happens if the festival is canceled?
In the extremely unlikely event that the festival is canceled due to an act of god or other event outside the organizers’ control, your  deposit will be refunded.

 If you have any further questions, please ask! This FAQ will be regularly updated to include answers to commonly asked questions!