Lightning in a Bottle (California)

From humble beginnings as a renegade arts collective with hopes of making the big time to becoming a household name in the industry as pioneers in immersive design, Do LaB™ represents a powerful creative force with a fun loving, paradisiacal flair. At their flagship event, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), Do LaB champions firm commitments to wellness, environmental stewardship, cultural awareness and social change, packing love and inspiration into every step, but what really makes events like LIB so visually electrifying are the towering architectural structures dreamed up by Do Design.

Do LaB is renowned as the only events production company with a first-class design firm dedicated to achieving the sculptural fantasies that set a standard for art as an experience all over the world. Whether it’s creating a twenty thousand person plus Dance Temple at Boom (in Portugal) or running what Rolling Stone has called “The Best Dancefloor at Coachella” for more than a decade, the signature art of Do Design are frequently celebrated as a home to heart opening moments and life-changing experiences.

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