1Nation Earth Camp

We have a message as protectors of our people and our way of life in a prayerful way with dignity, love, and respect for all. We are the voice Of Mother Earth and all of her creations. As human beings, our responsibility is to preserve life, protect the sacred elements & life that live on Mother Earth, and raise awareness around environmental injustice so that our children and the future generation will be able to continue to enjoy life that our Mother Earth has to offer. We speak for those who don’t have a voice in this man-made society.  Our relatives: the plants, animals, birds, insects, fish, and our relations are dependent on the wisdom and teachings of our ancestors and elders. Our goal is to educate and inspire the children and the ones who will listen to carry on the message to protect what is sacred.  As many nations from all directions of Turtle Island and throughout the world, we will be uniting to bring resolutions, ideas, and methods to support a healthy and thriving environment throughout the world. All are welcome and we encourage all to be a part of 1NationEarth Camp in a good way! It is a gift to receive these teachings and an honor to share them. Aho!