General FAQ


Is Oregon Eclipse 2017 family friendly?
We are ALL ABOUT family. Children 12 and under are FREE. We will have an area for quiet(er) camping, full kids programming and an environment that supports and nurtures growth. Check out this video from Symbiosis!

What is a total solar eclipse? Will it hurt my eyes?
A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow (the umbra) on Earth. During totality you can look right at it without protective eyewear! It won’t hurt your eyes, but it will be awesome. Solar glasses will be provided onsite for the waxing and waning from totality!

How many people will be at Oregon Eclipse?
Our ballpark is about a ballpark!

Will there be a separate Symbiosis Event in 2017?
Oregon Eclipse IS the Symbiosis Event for 2017.

What will the lineup be like for Oregon Eclipse 2017?
We’ve gathered new and old friends from around the world to bring a wildly diverse performance environment. You can dive deep into our seven stages here.

When will the schedule be released?
You can expect schedule when you arrive at the event.

Will there be cell phone service there?
We’re happy to announce that we will NOT have cell phone service at Oregon Eclipse. Disconnect to reconnect!

Will there be helicopters? 
There will be no helicopters at Oregon Eclipse.


How do I apply to get involved with Oregon eclipse?
You can find all our applications here.

I’ve applied to be a part of Oregon Eclipse. When will I hear back?
We’ll begin responding to applicants in the spring of 2017.

I’ve applied and purchased an Experience Pass. What if I get accepted?   If you get accepted to participate we will reimburse you.

I want to bring a theme camp to Oregon Eclipse. How do I do this?
Please send an email to

How does volunteering work at Oregon Eclipse?
You may apply on the website. Volunteers are required to purchase a ticket at regular rate. When you fulfill your shift obligations, your money is refunded minus an administrative fee that pays for the credit card transaction of the purchase and the refund. Volunteers will be selected in an ongoing process.

Do I have to be a US citizen to volunteer?
You do not need to be a US citizen to volunteer!

How many hours do I need to volunteer to qualify for a ticket?  Volunteers are required to work 8 days pre-event or  30 hours during the event.

If I volunteer, can I camp with my friends?
Camping is first come, first serve. Arriving at the same time is the most influential factor in camping close to your friends. Usually, arrive together=camp together!


I want to register for an Elemental Alchemy immersive but have already purchased my Experience Pass. What can I do?
Contact and we can make the switch to an Elemental Alchemy package.                    

Can I bring my children with me to my Elemental Alchemy Immersive?
No. Elemental Alchemy programs are not designed to be the optimum environment for children.

Can I use my Ready Set Camp accommodation during Elemental Alchemy?  
We will have more information on this shortly.


Where can I purchase Ready Set Camp?
You can choose your ideal village and reserve your onsite accommodations here.

When can I check in to my Ready Set Camp accommodation?
You can check in on August 16, and will check out on August 24th.

Can my friends pitch their tents next to me in Ready Set Camp?
The Ready Set Camp area is reserved for only staying in our onsite accommodations.

Can I get my Ready Set Camp option to be in Family Camp?
We don’t have a designated Family Camp area, but will have a designated quiet area. All Ready Set Camp villages are in close proximity to the festival entrance.

Does my Ready Set Camp purchase include my entrance into the festival?  
No, your Experience Pass or Trailblazer Pass must be purchased separately.

Is my Ready Set Camp purchase transferrable?
Yes, and you can contact to make the switch. 

I have a vehicle pass, will I be able to park next to my Ready Set Camp accommodation?
You will be able to park near, but not directly with your Ready Set Camp village. If you don’t have a vehicle pass, we will shuttle you from our parking lot.


Will there be ADA access?
We will have ADA camping available.  You can register for ADA here and we can let you know what needs we can accommodate.

Are service animals allowed?
Service animals are allowed on site, but emotional support animals and pets are not. Thanks for your cooperation with this!