Oregon Eclipse Documentary Series

Our crew has been onsite for weeks and projects, ideas, and environments are really starting to come together. Its been quite an adventure working with people from around the world to create this container for experience. The Kitchen Sync is onsite with us to provide a window into the preparation for magic to occur!
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As our build continues, themes of the past, present, and future converge all at once. Filmmaker Matthew F. Smith chatted with the current landowner and a representative to some of the past stewards of the land about what makes Big Summit Prairie special and how we’d like to acknowledge our relationship to this place.
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My good friend Grover once taught me about NEAR and FAR and Oregon Eclipse is a combination of both. Many of our international community feel at home in their travels around the world and the people of Prineville have been fantastic hosts.

Our eyes on the ground Matthew F. Smith took to the streets to find out what’s on the mind of the locals as NEAR and FAR come together!

Special thanks to Club Pioneer!

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The Permaculture Design Course is in full swing, moving parallel to the build for Oregon Eclipse. While students learn from Envision Festival co-founder Stephen Brooks, our build team is discovering new ways to deal with an old problem through Andre Soares while Lucy Legan cultivates newly planted gardens onsite.

Students, teachers, artists and creators of all sorts are teaching and learning in this epic collaboration!

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A steadying force in this epic collaboration is our strong contingent of empowered women. Building for months before and cleaning up for months after means moving family units to site and embracing the challenges and opportunities that arise. We embrace our roles in creating spaces for adventure and inspiration while we raise the next generation.

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This collaboration is like nothing we’ve ever done before. As a dark shadow is cast upon the US, the international support has been inspiring and uplifting. Meet some of the friendly faces creating the container for your enjoyment!

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Miles away from electricity or running water, the build for Oregon Eclipse has been a tremendously rugged experience that couldn’t be done without our solid team of powerful women. We’re all in this amazing collaboration together pushing the boundaries to reveal that we can do just about anything.

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After a pretty intense arrival period, the 26 has reopened and lines are moving. Sure it nice out here.

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Oregon Eclipse is a testament to community. The adventure we embarked upon required long hours and seemingly impossible tasks but we created a container for a remarkable and memorable novel experience.

We can’t thank our team enough for persevering in the face of monumental obstacles. What an amazing journey to witness the sheer magick of the cosmos.

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What an amazing experience. As the cleanup moves into full swing, we can scarcely believe what has transpired. Many have been here for months and some as early as June 3. Plans to create this experience go back to 2006 after the Total Solar Eclipse in Turkey but the history that brought us here goes back even further.

We thank the people who helped make this event what it was. We thank those who came before us hosting 2006 in Turkey and 2002 in Australia which inspired us to create this event. We thank the Woodward family and the stewards of the land that came before… and we thank YOU for being part of this.

This event will never happen again. It came with warts and obstacles and challenges but ultimately, we were able to bring together 30k people plus staff to witness the miracle of a Total Solar Eclipse. We hope that moment inspired an appreciation of the cosmos as alive and beautiful. It sure looked beautiful to us.

Until we meet again!

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